Jewish Media Lies Busted in the cover up of CDC MMR Vacinne Fraud , By Jew Media And CDC ! Hitler was right ! ..: it;s The Jews !

Wakefield study that linked autism with MMR vaccine was fraud: British Medical Journal | The Australian.



Attention all Dumb Goyim  Vaccines And Fluoride are Poison Dot Not Take Our Government is Poison also Do not Consent The Rets of the world is run by Paedophiles And psychopaths Murderers and  Lunatics ! And yes Hitler was right as History and current times are proving ,with  ISIS being Jewish and Psycho State Israel running it ,one wonders how much longer will it be to we realize that Palestinians are Goyim just like us . Expose the  Jewish Media lies of History .

Holohoax , Titanic , Boer War ! WW1 And  2 Plus All Current Zionist Controlled or Jewish , Jewuits are Jewish , Catholic Church is Jewish run ! wake up dumb Goyim ,if they knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly ::Talmud Quote !


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