Kevin Annett Assaulted Defamed Victimised Robbed , But Still a Hero To Millions .

Document:Chronology of Attacks on Kevin Annett – WikiSpooks.                      Link


How Much can one man take at the hands of  criminals traitors paedophiles fools and thieves ? Well it seems quite a lot , in fact he has Taken way more than most would or could , this man is truly a HERO ,and continues to stand up for Truth  Justice and of course the children who have suffered Particularly  the Canadian Children but also children from every corner of the globe .

I take my hat off to this man and look forward to one day shaking his hand and thanking him for his  inspiring devotion to the cause !  …………..What about these disgusting people from the churches and Bar lawyers , do we support these scum or do we support Kevin and the children !

But what about you ? do you believe this or are you a coward and therefor a supporter of child rapists and murderers ? it is time to rethink your whole life because it has been nothing but lies deceit, corruption ,Satanic rituals Paedophilia and Murder .

What is more important Children , right to life, Personal inalienable Rights ,Common Law ,Freedom ,and rule of law ,……….or Churches religion and Corporations ! You are either a criminal or you are not ! you are either good or you are bad . Good = God / Creator ,………..Bad = Satan + Lucifer ,…………..light or darkness !

This is after all the Age of Aquarius , we have waited 26thousand years for this event ,this is real it is  Perhaps Humanities last chance for a while to change things ,and in the Meantime the murderers paedophiles and Psychopaths from years gone by are nearing their end goal of controlling  the world all of its people  their Rights and the worlds Resources ,Global Control of everything , but this has been achieved by Lies Deceit Fraud Murder and Treason .

The whole world is waking up to the Matrix ,the grand illusions , of the Psy-ops and continued poisoning of Humanity the destruction of the planet via Global Man made Warming ,and of course the Illuminat NWO which we could easily summarise into one word Freemasons !


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