Kevin Annett ; The power of one ; Common Law Stand ;Justice for Children and Victims .

Document:Chronology of Attacks on Kevin Annett – WikiSpooks.

Thank God for Kevin  ,what an inspiring Human Being he  Is ,  don’t you just love it when 1 mans dedication with help from friends can literally save  the world , and the Children !

But how sad it is when his critics {criminals ,Liars and Fools}say things like he’s a defrocked  priest ,or his website is powered by word press so he must be a liar , these are classic symptoms  of a deluded  and brainwashed mind  in Denial , or simply a comment from a Criminal which there are thousands of within the Catholic  Church .

These Actions were against the Catholic  Church , the Jesuits ,and the Anglican Church ,The Queen Of England and Prince Phillip and more  .So for the sake of the children can we acknowledge these actions as Fact ,they are now recorded the Pope has been found guilty of Murder ,rape ,and trading children into satanic cults  .Stop protecting the Criminal Catholic church and the paedophiles within ,  instead , Protect the Children . Expose Darkness and Shine a light on Freemasons which is the NWO or the Knights Templar in Drag !


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