Why Hire a Laywer When You can buy a Judge Kerry Stokes Perjerer

Money talks at the Supreme Court of NSW. Billionaire Kerry Stokes boy Justice Hall scandalises the court | Kangaroo Court of Australia.

Most people by now know that the Judicial System is riddled with Frauds and liars ,and that’s putting it mildly , but what people don’t know is that the whole of the Government is a fraud ,and is riddled with Liars  Traitors paedophiles gays and criminals ,and again that is putting it Mildly .

But the real problem is those that are allowing them to remain doing what they are doing to the people of Australia ,without any conscious at all ,so who are these people ? they are the Media And not just some of the media but all of the Media they are all complicit in serving the Jew World Order and Israel and nothing else matters to these people .

Yes the very same people that Shane Dowling Talks extensively about in his many posts about corrupt Judges and the Judicial System ,and of course then we have Kerry Stokes ,and we all know by now what the TV Networks get up to don’t we ? Hey Dad Your a Paedophile , Jake the peg your a Paedophile too ,as was Walt Disney and many many more .

So why is it Kerry Stokes thinks he can walk all over Kangaroo Court and Shane Dowling ? Because he can ? because he has heaps of money and the law doesn’t apply to rich people ? or he is just a coward and can’t face up to the truth that indeed he is a liar under oath ? Whatever you believe lets hope that his money and power doesn’t give him that right to walk over anyone like he seems to think he can ,and lets face it the judges must be getting a good pay check no wonder they say that Australian Judges are Cowards Frauds Traitors Liars and Criminals .


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