Major Global Fraud – Birth and Marriage Certificate Crimes but Guess What it’s the” Government” !

Stillness in the Storm : Birth & Marriage Certificates Scam : Corporations make bonds with them : You are money : Meet your Strawman?.

I trust the Government They never lie , I will do anything the Government tells me too ! I will never question the Government , I stand under All Statute Laws ,I agree to be Summarily Judged By those who have No Authority but instead are part of a Global Crime Syndicate ,Commonly Named Commonwealth of Australia , which Under Our constitution is an Illegal entity ,and if you are paying taxes and subscribing to Government Doctrines of Lies and deceit ,you are actually Aiding and abetting a Criminal Organisation ,But it’s ok Everyone is doing it .

It Does not matter that we have been lied to and deceived ,or that all of the Judicial System operate with no basis in law , Just trust the Media they will Deliver the Most up to date and Biased  Half truths ever seen In this once Great Town of Tamworth ,which was founded for All Australians not for some half baked Corporation  a fraud as they are TRC  and definitely not for Israel , the Forefathers and diggers are rolling in their Graves  wondering what the Hell Locals here are thinking ? No this is stupid Just Trust the Government Fluoride is Good for you , and Vaccines should contain mercury and aluminium it’s ok really sorry for the doubt caused here ,I just love the Government

WWW Rense Is Freemasonry A Criminal Organisation ? Do they Have Lawful oaths , I Don’t know Because I cant think for myself can someone tell me should I trust the Masonic Government ?




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