Man Made Destruction of our Planet , Haarp , Geoengineering , Chemtrails .


Are you one of the person’s that are to blame for this environmental  nightmare ? you are if you’re in Denial of these events , Our Media does not tell us everything  we need to know this is fact ! and indeed they actually lie continually by omitting the facts in an biased way .

Media Today is a disgrace they are all corporations and they are all liars by omission , their loyalty is to profit and not living flesh humans ,they have concealed all the truth from us and continue to do so .

Corporations cannot rule over any person unless they consent ,and by fraud and deception we have consented ,and it goes right back to birth ,with the certificate being corporatized and turned into a bond and floated on the New York Stock Exchange ,in your name in all capital letters , I suggest looking at the word person very closely and you will find that we all have been deceived from birth by our trusty Government .

I trust this will help you  realize that our government all the judicial system the whole kit and ka -boodle  operates with   ”  No Basis In Law ” According to Sir Harry Gibbs esteemed Supreme Court Judge Now Deceased .

Turn off the Tv and Radio / Brainwashing , Boycott all media and study the truth media on the net watch youtube videos on truth history and more ,or just sit back do nothing ,and suffer ,because you are part of the problem if  you are not part of the Solution .

Also have a look at the freemasons worshipping isis the whore ,what filth they are but that’s  Nazi Jews for you liars and deceivers ,better take a look at the Holohoax as well !  JP Morgan sunk the Titanic ! no wonder they say dumb Aussies ,she’ll be right , No worries mate ,it’s cool man ! in your dreams ! Drink Fluoride ,Vaccinate your kids with poison ,do as you are told , do not think for yourself ,trust the Government , forget critical thinking ,and never but never Question the Government Paedophiles Traitors Criminals and Psychopaths


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